Supplement to Bibliography of Anthony Berkeley Cox



                This Supplement is for the hard-core addict of Anthony Berkeley Cox; the main bibliography page is here.  I originally compiled the information on this page for my own reference, so some of it may be cryptic.


                Again, I welcome any corrections, comments, or requests for clarification.  Please e-mail me.



I.          Editions of Cox’s books


                This is not a formal descriptive bibliography; I have trouble identifying a first edition unless it has the words “FIRST EDITION” printed in it.  Nor is it complete; I have listed only the editions I have either seen myself, or seen described.  My main sources are listed below. 


                The British Museum Library accession dates and publication dates are from The Anthony Berkeley Cox Files:  Notes Towards a Bibliography by Ayresome Johns (London: Ferret Fantasy, 1993).  I have checked these against the listings in the English Catalogue of Books (ECB) and indicated any discrepancies.


                The colors are as they appear to me, but some of my personal copies are faded, and since I’ve been told I’m color-blind, don’t take me as an authority.  I see that Johns describes the Collins first printings as “royal blue”; I’ve called them purple. 



                1.             Brenda Entertains (A.B. Cox) 


                                British Museum Library accession date:  16 Jan. 1925

                                UK only:  Herbert Jenkins 1925 (1st and 2nd printings both in grey cloth) (“cheap ed. April 1927” according to ECB)


                2.             The Layton Court Mystery (by “?”, later as by “Anthony Berkeley”)


British Museum Library accession date:  21 Feb. 1925

                                UK:  Herbert Jenkins 1st printing Feb. 1925; 2nd printing May 1925 (both green)

                                US:  Doubleday 1929 (black), Grosset & Dunlap n.d. (purple)

                                Paperback (UK):  House of Stratus, 2001; Langtail, 2010

                                Translation:  Chinese (Laidengting shen mi shi jian, 2010, ISBN 9787546330358); Italian (Delitto a porte chiusa, 2003; Uno sparo in biblioteca, tr. Dario Pratesi, Polillo 2012); Japanese (Reiton koto no nazzo, 2002; image on the web page); Spanish (El misterio de Layton Court, Lumeneditorial, 2010, ISBN 8426417787)


                3.             Jugged Journalism (Cox)


Published 4 June 1925 according to Johns, but t.p. (title page) verso reads “First Edition May 1925”

                                UK only:  Herbert Jenkins 1925 (1st and 2nd printings both have green boards, but 2nd printing has the illustrations on paper instead of plates); 2s 6d ed. May 1926


                4.             The Family Witch (Cox)


Published Nov. 1925 (according to ECB; Johns gives publication date as 28 Jan. 1926)

                                UK only:  Herbert Jenkins 1925 (grey); cheap ed. (2s6d) Aug. 1927


                5.             The Professor on Paws (Cox)


Published 8 July 1926

                                UK:  Collins 1st  printing July 1926 (purple); reprinted in blue cloth  (a bookseller has listed a “second issue” in “red cloth with black titles to the front and spine”)

                                US:   Lincoln MacVeagh, Dial Press, 1927 (I have maroon and orange copies; I think the former is the 1st printing.  A copy in red boards with yellow lettering [assuming the scan was accurate] was sold on ebay in February 2011.)

                                Translation:  Dutch (De Professor op Kattepoten; transl. Gusti Y. Kriens?; apparently published by Kramer in 295-page hardcover in 1938 and reprinted in 128-page paperback in 1959)


                6.             The Wychford Poisoning Case (“by the Author of The Layton Court Mystery,” later as by Berkeley[1])


British Museum Library accession date:  10 Nov. 1926

                                UK:  Collins 1st impression Oct. 1926 (purple); 2nd impression July 1927; 3rd impression Nov. 1928 (both blue); “cheap ed.” Apr. 1928; 1s ed. Apr. 1929 (ECB says “popular ed. 3s 6d July 1927”)

                                US:  Doubleday 1930 (black); Grosset & Dunlap 1930 (orange)

                                Translation: Italian (Il veleno di Wychford, 2005); Japanese


                7.             Roger Sheringham and the Vane Mystery (Berkeley)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  21 Feb. 1927

                                UK:  Collins 1st impression Feb. 1927 (purple), 2nd impression (“popular ed.”?) March 1928 (I have seen two copies, one blue, one red with a pictorial cover); “cheap ed. 2s6d” Mar. 1929; as The Vane Mystery, cheap ed. 1s June 1929

                                US as The Mystery at Lovers’ Cave (according to title page; boards read The Mystery at Lover’s Cave):  Simon & Schuster 1927 (yellow); Jacobsen 1927 (green, Modern Reprint Library ed.)

                                Paperback (UK):  House of Stratus, 2003; Langtail, 2010

                                Translations:  French (Une femme qui tombe, 1949 repr. 1995); Italian (Il mistero di Elsie Vane, 2006); Japanese


                8.             Mr. Priestley’s Problem (Cox; later as by “Anthony Berkeley”)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  7 May 1927 (ECB gives publication date as April 1927)

                                UK:  1st impression April 1927 (purple), 2nd impr. Dec. 1929, 3rd impr. March 1931 (I have three copies marked “Third Impression,” one blue, one red, one black); “cheap ed.” Collins 2s Apr. 1931; “cheap ed. 1s” Collins Feb. 1930 (as by Anthony Berkeley)

                                US as The Amateur Crime, Doubleday 1928

                                Paperback (UK):  Penguin edition (as by Berkeley) March 1948

                                Translation:  Japanese


                9.             Cicely Disappears (A. Monmouth Platts)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  7 Oct. 1927 (ECB gives date as “Oct. ’27”)

                                UK:  John Long 1927 (red)

                                Translation:  Japanese (enlarged image)


                10.          The Silk Stocking Murders  (Berkeley)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  16 May 1928

                                UK:  Collins 1st impression May 1928 (purple); 2nd impression May 1929 (blue); cheap 1s ed. March 1930

                                US:  Doubleday 1928 (black, also printed in Toronto); Grosset & Dunlap 1928 (black); Doubleday “Front Page Mystery Series” 1929 (red, with “Collier” at bottom of spine)

                                Paperback: (UK) Penguin 1941, new Penguin ed. repr. 1990; House of Stratus 2001; Langtail, 2010; (English text published in Sweden) Stockholm Zephyr #62 1946

                                Translations:  Finnish (Silkkisukkamurhat, 1993); French (Le Mystère des bas de soie, 1934); Italian (Delitti di seta, 1999) ; Japanese ; Portuguese (Os Crimes das Meias de Seda) ; Spanish (El Crimen de Las Medias de Seda, Lumeneditorial 2011, ISBN  842641897X)


                11.          The Poisoned Chocolates Case  (Berkeley)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  13 June 1929

                                UK:  Collins 1st June 1929 (black), 2nd impr. March 1930 (blue); cheap ed. 3s6d May 1930, 2s Apr. 1931 (??); Chivers (Black Dagger Crime, foreword by John K. Melling) 1991

                                US:  Doubleday 1st printing Nov. 1929 (black), 2nd pr. July 1936; Grosset & Dunlap 1929 (I have both green and orange copies); University of California “Mystery Library” edition 1979 (also included in The Crime Club Golden Book of Best Detective Stories, Doubleday 1933, with an introduction by Berkeley)

                                Paperback:  (UK) Penguin Sept. 1936; Pan March 1950; Penguin Classic Crime 1986; House of Stratus 2001; Langtail 2010 (US) Pocket Books 1st printing Nov 1951, 2nd printing (with different cover) Nov. 1957; Dolphin Books 1964; Dell Nov. 1980; Felony & Mayhem 2010

                                Translations:  Chinese (Du qiaokeli ming an); Czech (Prípad otrávené bonboniéry, 1966); Danish (Sagen om de forgiftede chokolader, 1987); Dutch (Vergiftigde bonbons); Finnish (Myrkytetyn suklaarasian arvoitu, 1989); French (Le club des détectives, 1932, repr. 1946, 1983); German (Der Detektiv-Club, Ullstein nd; Die vergifteten Pralinen 1962; Der Fall mit den Parlinen 1988); Hungarian (A mérgezett csokoládé rejtélye, 1976); Italian (Il caso dei cioccolatini avvelenati, Polillo, 2002); Japanese; Korean (Tok i tun chokollet, 1988); Polish (Zatrute czekoladi, 1965); Portuguese (O mistério dos bombons envenenados); Russian (Delo ob otravlennykh shokoladkakh, 1994); Spanish (El caso de los bombones envenados, 1949); Swedish (Den förgiftade chokladasken, 1935?)  


                12.          The Piccadilly Murder  (Berkeley)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  30 Nov. 1929

                                UK:  Collins 1929 (black); “cheap ed.” Nov. 1930, 1s ed. Feb. 1932

                                US:  Doubleday 1930 (black); Grosset & Dunlap 1930 (green)

                                Paperback:  (UK) Penguin July 1938; House of Stratus 2001; Langtail 2011; (US) Dover 1983

                                Translations:  Estonian (Mõrv Piccadillyl, 2001); French (Le meurtre de Picadilly, 1932, repr 1993); German (Ich könnte schwören, daß…); Italian (L’uomo dai capelli rossi, 1932; Caffè al veleno a Piccadilly, Polillo, 2010); Japanese (Pikaderi no satusujin, 1984); Portuguese (A Culpa Foi do Veneno, 1993)


                13.          The Second Shot  (Berkeley)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  27 Oct. 1930

                                UK:  Hodder & Stoughton 1930 (pale blue); “cheap ed. Jan. 1932” (ECB; I have a small red copy that is probably this edition)

                                US:  Doubleday 1931 (black); Grosset & Dunlap 1931 (red)

                                Paperback (UK only):  Penguin May 1943; House of Straus 2001; Langtail, 2010

                                Translations:   French (Jouons au meurtre, 1947); German (Der zweite Schuss, n.d.); Japanese (Daini no jusei, 1994); Latvian (Otrais šaviens, 1937)


                14.          Malice Aforethought  (Francis Iles)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  14 Feb. 1931

                                UK 1st:  Mundanus Feb. 1931 (wraps); cloth 10 April 1931 (yellow-orange); cheap ed. Gollancz May 1934 (red); Gollancz “2nd impr.” Nov. 1936 (blue); “re-set March 1941” (light blue); 4th impr. May 1942; reissued Gollancz July 1952; H. Hamilton 1968; new Gollancz edition 1978 (red); Ulverscroft large print ed. July 1980; Chivers Press (Black Dagger Crime series) 1986 (also included in “Famous Novels of 1931,” Gollancz Oct. 1931)

                                Note:  The 1978 Gollancz edition t.p. verso reads “First printed 1931, Fourth impression 1941, Reissued 1952, Second reissue 1978.”

                                US:  Harper 1st April 1931

                                Paperbacks:  (UK) Pan 46 (1948, repr. 13 May 1957, “2nd printing (re-set) 1979,” 1999 Pan Classic Crime with introduction by Colin Dexter; Dent 1986 (Mastercrime series); Orion 2005; (US) Pocket Books (“published August 1947, 1st printing July 1947”); Perennial Library 1980; (Sweden, English text) Stockholm Zephyr #91, 1946

                                Translations:  Chinese (Sha i, 1987); Danish (Overlagt mord, 1932); Dutch (Met voorbedachten rade, Antwerp 1973); Finnish (Vakain tuumin ja harkiten, 1957); French (Préméditation, 1932, repr. 1939, 1953, 1961, 1972); German (Vorsätzlich, nd); Hebrew (Kavanat zadon, 1988); Italian (Delitto premeditato, 1959; L'omicidio e un affare serio, Polillo, 2003); Japanese (Satsui, 1953); Polish (Z premedytacją); Spanish; Swedish (Brottslig avsikt, 1974)           


                15.          Top Storey Murder  (Berkeley)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  16 July 1931  (ECB gives publication date as May 1931)

                                UK:  Hodder & Stoughton 1st May 1931 (pale blue?), 2nd July 1931, 3rd Feb. 1932 (red “cheap ed.”); Chivers (Black Dagger Crime) 1990, Chivers (Scarlet Dagger Crime, large print, hardcover and softcover) 1993

                                US:  Doubleday 1931 (black); Grosset & Dunlap 1931 (orange)

                                Paperback (UK):  Penguin Feb. 1941; House of Stratus 2001

                                Translations:  Danish (Rosenkransmordet); German (Mord in der Mansarde, 1932; Der Mord unter dem Dach, 1973); Italian (Delitto ai piani alti, 1993); Japanese; Portuguese (Crime no Último andar, 1992); Russian (Ubiivisto na verkhnem etzazhe, 2000)

                                Book on tape:  Chivers Audio Books (1993, unabridged, read by Michael Kitchen)


                16.          Murder in the Basement  (Berkeley)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  30 May 1932

                                UK:  Hodder & Stoughton 1st March 1932 (pale blue), 2nd printing April 1934 (darker blue)

                                US: Doubleday 1932 (black); Grosset & Dunlap 1932 (black)

                                Paperback (UK):  Penguin Aug. 1947, House of Stratus 2001, Langtail 2011

                                Translations:  French (La morte gantée, 1937); German (Der Kellermord, 1979); Italian (Assassinio in cantina, 2005); Japanese


                17.          Before the Fact  (Iles)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  31 May 1932

                                UK:  Gollancz 1st June1932 (black), 2nd impr. May 1933 (red); repr. 1978 (red)

                                US:  Doubleday 1st  Dec. 1932 (red), 2nd printing March 1933; Burt 1932 (bright red); Gregg Press April 1979 (introduction by H.R.F. Keating); Amereon 1990 (also included in Three Famous Murder Novels, ed. Cerf, Modern Library May 1945)

                                Paperbacks:  Albatross #48 (ca. 1933); (UK) Pocket Book ed.1952 (News of the World); Pan (revised ed.) 13 June 1958; Norman & Hobhouse “Crime Classics” n.d.; Gollancz (paperback) 1991; Pan Classic Crime 1999 (with introduction by Colin Dexter); Arcturus 2011; (US) Pocket Books #419 (“published April 1947, 1st printing March 1947”); Dell “Great Mystery Library #11” Jan. 1958; Perennial 1980

                                Translations:  Chinese (Shi shi zhi qian, 2011, 9787546348575); Dutch (Achterdocht, 1974); French  (Complicité, 1939 repr 1953); German (Vor der Tat, 1972); Italian (Il sospetto, 1980); Japanese (Hanko izen, 1955); Polish (Podejrzenie, 2004); Portuguuese (Suspeita); Russian; Spanish (Premeditación, 1990; Complicidad, Barcelona 1992); Swedish (Ont Uppsåt, 1979)     

                                Book on tape:  Chivers Audio Books (2000, unabridged, read by Bruce Montague)


                18.          Jumping Jenny  (Berkeley)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  19 Oct. 1933  (ECB gives publication date as July 1933, adding “cheap ed. Feb. 1935” and another printing Nov. 1937; Penguin edition gives printing history as “May 1933, repr. Dec. 1933, repr. Feb. 1935”)

                                UK:  Hodder & Stoughton 1st 1933 (pale blue), 2nd printing Dec. 1933, 3rd printing Feb. 1935 (blue), repr. Nov. 1937?; Hogarth Press 1984 (both cloth and paperback, as Dead Mrs. Stratton); Chivers Press 1997 (with foreword by Michael Gilbert)

                                US (as Dead Mrs. Stratton, with note “Concerning Roger Sheringham”):  Doubleday 1933 (black); Grosset & Dunlap 1933 (black)

                                Paperback (UK):  Penguin 1941; Hogarth 1984 (as Dead Mrs. Stratton); House of Stratus 2001; Langtail, 2010

                                Translations:  Finnish (Mrs Strattonin tapaus, 1988); French (Le gibet imprévu, 1934, repr. 1948, 1988); German (Galgenvögel, Ullstein 1959, repr. 1982); Italian (L’ultima tappa, Milan, 1979; Gioco mortale, Mondadori, 2006 ?) ; Japanese (?Janpingu Jenii, 2009?); Norwegian (or Swedish? Den døde fru Stratton, Oslo, 1986); Portuguese (A festa da enforcada, 1985?); Spanish (Baile de máscaras, 1988); Swedish (Sprattelgubbar, 1934?)


                19.          Panic Party  (Berkeley)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  13 July 1934   (ECB gives publication date as May 1934)

                                UK:  Hodder & Stoughton 1934 (pale blue)

                                US (as Mr. Pidgeon’s Island):  Doubleday 1934 (black); Doubleday also printed a red “Member’s Edition”

                                Paperback (UK):  Penguin Nov. 1942; House of Stratus 2001 

                                Translation:  German (Spiel mit dem Feuer, nd); Italian (L'isola della paura, 2011 Mondadori, transl. Mauro Boncompagni); Japanese (Panikku Pati, 2010, 9784562045983); Portuguese (O Cruzeiro Fatídico)


                20.          O England!  (Cox)


                                Publication date:  Nov. 1934 (according to ECB; no date given in Johns)

                                UK only:  Hamish Hamilton 1934 (orange); cheap ed. Oct. 1935 (2s6d) according to ECB


                21.          Trial and Error (Berkeley)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  12 Oct. 1937   (ECB gives publication date as Sept. 1937)

                                UK:  Hodder Sept. 1937 (blue), repr. Sept. 1937, 3rd impr. Oct. 1937, repr. May 1940 (black cloth); cheap ed. June 1940 (?), 5s ed. Dec. 1941; Hodder & Stoughton “Classics of Detection and Adventure” (with introduction by Michael Gilbert) 1965

                                US:  Doubleday Nov. 1937 (yellow), Sun Dial 1937 (yellow)

                                Paperback:  (UK) Penguin (with new introduction by Berkeley) July 1947; House of Stratus 2001; Arcturus 2012; (US) Pocket Books Aug. 1945 (2nd Pocket printing with dustjacket Oct. 1945); Dell 1st Sept. 1967, reprinted by Dell June 1981 (“Scene of the Crime” series)

                                Translations:  Chinese (Cai pan you wu, 2011, ISBN 9787546338545); Danish (Dømt eller død, 1989); Dutch (Nog zes maanden te leven, 1969? De ene moordenaar is de andere niet, 1979); Finnish (Minä olen syyllinen, 1958 repr. 1983); French (Une erreur judiciaire, 1938, repr. 1949, 1971, 1987); German (Der verschenkte Mord, 1989); Japanese (Shiko sakugo, 1958); Korean (2003, Sihaeng ch’ago); Polish (Omylka sadowa, 1967); Portuguese (Erro Judiciario); Spanish (El dueño de la muerte, 1949, repr. 1986); Swedish (Försöka duger, 1974)


                22.          Not To Be Taken  (Berkeley)


                                Publication date:  July 1938 (according to ECB; no date given in Johns; t.p. verso of 1st edition reads “First printed June 1938,” but 1939 reprint reads “First published July 1938, Reprinted July 1938, Reprinted May 1939”)

                                UK:  Hodder & Stoughton 1st July (?) 1938; repr. July 1938; 3rd printing (small red “yellowjacket”) May 1939; “cheap ed.” Sep. 1939 (ECB); Chivers (Black Dagger Crime, introduction by John K. Melling) 1995

                                US (as A Puzzle in Poison):  Doubleday 1938 (black); Sun Dial 1939 (black)

                                Paperback:  (UK) Penguin Jan. 1947, House of Stratus 2001, Langtail 2011; (US) Dolphin 1964

                                Translation:  French (Sans remords, 1948, repr. 1981, 1990); Portuguese (Droga Fatal)


                23.          Death in the House  (Berkeley)


                                British Museum Library accession date:  17 May 1939   (but ECB gives publication date as April 1939, and t.p. verso reads “First printed January 1939”)

                                UK:  Hodder & Stoughton (red); July 1940 (small red “yellowjacket”) (ECB gives date of yellowjacket ed. as Sept. 1940, “cheap ed.” June 1942)

                                US:  Doubleday 1939 (mauve?); Sun Dial 1940 (blue)

                                Paperback (UK):  House of Stratus 2001; Langtail, 2010


                24.          As for the Woman  (Iles) (no date given in Johns; reviewed in Spectator 28 July 1939)


                                UK:  Jarrolds 1939 (According to Johns, the first issue was black, the remainder issue “light blue-grey cloth.”   I have also seen two different dustjackets, the first yellow-and-blue non-pictorial—facsimiles of this and other dustjackets may be seen at second pictorial depicting the English countryside on what the dealer described as “1st edition remainder copy.”  I have notes indicating this book was reprinted in May 1940 and reissued in 1955, but cannot confirm this.)

                                US:  Doubleday 1939 (grey)

                                Translation:  French (Quant à la femme 1945, repr 1986) ; Japanese; Spanish (Las redes del amor, Madrid, 1991)


                                The printing information above is from various sources, including:


·         The books themselves (the UK Penguin and US Pocket Books editions sometimes give printing histories of the hardcover editions)

·         The WorldCat database

·         The English Catalogue of Books (most of the dates above for “cheap editions” or listing a price come from this source)

·         Cooper and Pike’s Detective Fiction:  The Collector’s Guide (including the color plates after p. 86)

·         Ayresome Johns’s The Anthony Berkeley Cox Files

·         Descriptions in dealers’ catalogues (not always reliable)

·         For French translations, the catalog of the Bibliothèque nationale de France

·         For Italian translations, the catalog of the Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma


I have seen copies of most but by no means all of these printings.  US reprints (Grosset & Dunlap and Sun Dial) usually have the same year as the first edition on the t.p. verso, but I suspect this is just the copyright date; for example, the Doubleday and Sun Dial printings of Trial and Error both give the year as 1937, but the Pocket Books edition of this book gives the date of the Doubleday 1st edition as Nov. 1937 and the date of the Sun Dial edition as Jan. 1939.


·         Several of Berkeley’s books appeared as small blue hardcovers in Collins’ “Bob Library” (One Shilling Fiction Library); these are undated (the dates given above are from the English Catalogue of Books) but numbered as follows:

o    #46 The Wychford Poisoning Case

o    #63 The Vane Mystery

o    #110 The Silk Stocking Murders

o    #111 Mr. Priestley’s Problem (apparently first issued as by A.B. Cox but my copy gives the author as “Anthony Berkeley”)

o    #150 The Poisoned Chocolates Case.


·         Penguins (I checked The Penguin Story, MCMXXXV-MCMLVI for dates of the first printings)


o    Penguin #58  The Poisoned Chocolates Case, Sept. 1936, reprinted twice in 1937

o    #153 The Piccadilly Murder, July 1938 (248 pp.); repr. Sept. 1938, May 1939, June 1940, July 1941 (191 pp.); Australian ed. (192 pp.) March 1945 (Penguin Story gives date of 1st printing as July 1938, but 1941 reprint gives it as Aug. 1938)

o    #313 Top Storey Murder, Feb. 1941; Australian ed. Aug. 1945

o    #337 Jumping Jenny, 1941 (according to t.p. verso, but Penguin Story has “July 1942”); repr. July 1943, July 1947

o    #368 The Silk Stocking Murders, 1941 (according to t.p. verso, but Penguin Story has Jan. 1942); repr. Aug. 1943; Australian ed. July 1943 (128 pp.)

o    #402 Panic Party, Nov. 1942; “reprinted in Cairo under special authority” Feb. 1943 (269 pp.); also New Zealand edition (256 pp.)

o    #409 The Second Shot, May 1943 (according to t.p. verso; Penguin Story has June 1943)

o    #584 Not To Be Taken, Jan. 1947

o    #589 Mr. Priestley’s Problem, March 1948

o    #590 Trial and Error, July 1947, reprinted 1954

o    #591 Murder in the Basement, Aug. 1947


                                                I have also read that three of Berkeley’s books were issued in Penguin Forces Book Club editions but have not seen these:

§  Panic Party (October 1942, red covers)

§  The Second Shot (May 1943, lime covers)

§  The Silk Stocking Murders (August 1943, dark red covers)


There are records in WorldCat for two other translations, but no indication of the original title:

·         Berkeley, Airuzu bakuri (Japanese), 1962

·         Iles, Yoja sarin iyagi (Chinese), 1986


I am unable to identify the English titles for the following Italian translations from the online catalogs of the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Firenze and  Biblioteca nazionale centrale di Roma:

·         Berkeley, Veleno (Milan, 1938)

·         Berkeley, Poliziotto d’eccezione (Milan 1939)


It appears from a web page I have seen (see also this one) that several Berkeley books were published in post-war Italy as cheap yellow paperbacks, but my Italian is too shaky for me to be certain:

·         1946:  Il mistero della piccolo città, Un errore giudiziario (presumably Trial and Error), Appuntamento in città, L’ultima tappa, Una tragica prova

·         1947:  Il circolo dei detectives (presumably The Poisoned Chocolates Case)


                Translations of “The Avenging Chance”:

·         Danish:  “Giftkrukken,” Verdens beste detektivhistorier fra Sherlock Holmes til Hercule Poirot, (Copenhagen :  Carit Andersens Forlag, 1956), pp. 158-176 (also as “Tilfældet hævner” in Masser af mord: en kriminalantologi, 1981)

·         German:   “Der rachende Zufall,” Der rachende Zufall (Stuttgart :  Europaischer Buchklub, n.d.), pp. 105-133

·         Spanish :  “El envenenador de Sir William,” Los mejores cuentos policiales (Buenos Aires:  Emecé Editoroes, 1947); “El azar vengador,” Biblioteca de selecciones (Madrid:  Selecciones del Reader’s Digest, 1975), pp. 341-358

Translation of “Dark Journey”:

·         Slovak:  Trinástkrát vrazda (Bratislava, 1969)


A French mystery magazine, Enquêtes policières, recueil no. 3 (1973), apparently contains a translation of a story by Berkeley, “Préparation suspecte”; but I don’t know which story.



Publication histories of some books to which Cox continued:


The Floating Admiral

UK:  Hodder & Stoughton 1931; Macmillan 1981, HarperCollins 2011; (paperback) Hamlyn 1983;  Mysterious Press (UK) 1988

US:  Doubleday 1932, Gregg Press 1979, Resurrected Press 2011; (paperback) Charter Apr. 1980, Berkley July 1986, Jove Books Jan. 1993

Translations:  Danish (Admiralens sidste rejse, 1984); Dutch (De dood van een admiral, 1981); French (L’amiral flottant, Gallimard 1936, transl. Violette Delevingne); German (Die letzte Fahrt des Admirals, Verlag Hermann Leins, 1983); Italian (L'ammiraglio alla deriva, Mondadori 1983), Portuguese (A morte de Almirante, 1979; Quem matou o almirante, 1989); Spanish (El almirante flotante, 1982)


Ask a Policeman

UK:  Barker 1933, Macmillan 1983, HarperCollins 2012

US:  Morrow 1933

Paperback:  Berkley June 1987, Resurrected Press 2011

Translation:  Italian (Chi è il colpevole?, Polillo Editore, Milano, 2009)


Great Unsolved Crimes

UK:  Hutchinson 1935; (paperback) Hutchinson’s “Pocket” Library 6d (1938)

US:  Hyperion Press (1975, new reprint edition 1986)

“Who Killed Madame X?” reprinted in   Still Unsolved:  Great True Murder Cases, ed. Richard Glyn Jones  (UK Guild Publishing 1990,  repr. 1992; paperback Carol Publishing Group, 1992)


Six against the Yard

(UK)  Selwyn & Blount, 1936

US (as Six against Scotland Yard) Doubleday 1936; Sun Dial 1937; (paperback) Berkley Books, Oct.1989 (this edition gives date of Selwyn & Blount edition as Aug. 1948)

Translation:  Italian (Sei delitti immaginari, Mondadori 1998)


The Anatomy of Murder

UK:  The Bodley Head 1936; (paperback) Pocket Book (UK) 1950

US Macmillan 1937; (paperback in 2 volumes, volume with Iles essay in More Anatomy of Murder, Berkley 1990)


The Scoop and Behind the Screen

UK:  Gollancz1983; (paperback) Methuen, 1984

US:  Harper, 1983; (paperback) Charter Books Dec. 1984, Berkley Books May 1986

                Reprint of Behind the Screen only:  (paperback)  Crescent (UK 1987)

Translation:   German ( Die Schlagzeile / Hinter dem Vorhang, 1989)



II.        Pieces by Cox in anthologies (in addition to those in the main bibliography)


                A.            Anthologies and magazines including “The Avenging Chance” (this story is copyright 1928; if anyone knows of a publication before Sept. 1929, please contact me):


                                Pearson’s Magazine, Sept. 1929, pp. 255-265

                                The Best Detective Stories of the Year 1929 (London:  Faber, 1930), pp. 38-61; reprinted as Best Detective Stories of the Year, Second Series (Faber 1933, repr. 1937, 1949); US The Best English Detective Stories of the Year (New York:  Liveright, 1930, ed. Ronald Knox and H. Harrington)

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B.            Reprints of sketches from Punch


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C.            Other pieces by Cox reprinted (not covered in the main bibliography)


·         True crime:

o    “Was Crippen a Murderer?” (originally in Great Unsolved Crimes):  reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Murder, ed. Richard Glyn Jones (New York:  Carroll & Graf, 1989) pp. 296-303, and in Tales from the Rogues’ Gallery, ed. Peter Haining (London:  Little & Brown, 1994) pp. 276-283

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·         Short story:  “The Policeman Only Taps Once” originally published in Daily Mail (25-30 May 1936), reprinted in Six Against the Yard (London:  Selwyn & Blount, 1937); Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine June 1951 (pp. 95-114, abridged version); and Thirteen Ways to Kill a Man, ed. Basil Davenport (London:  Faber, 1965 and New York:  Dodd Mead 1965), pp. 157-192

·         Review:  “Criminal Records,” originally printed in the Manchester Guardian on 8 Dec. 1961, reprinted in The Bedside Guardian 11 (London:  Collins, 1962), pp. 151-152

·         “Bitter Almonds” (short-short printed in Truth, 1923) reprinted in The Ash-Tree Annual Macabre 2004:  The Last “Queer Stories from Truth,” ed. Jack Adrian. Ashcroft, B.C.:  Ash-Tree Press, 2004, pp. 35-38

·         “Holmes and the Dasher” (from Jugged Journalism) reprinted in:

1)       The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes (ed. Ellery Queen), Boston:  Little, Brown, and Co., 1944, pp. 66-69

2)       Holmes and the Dasher, [Denmark:]  Pinkerton, 1990, in English and Danish



III.       Typescripts of unpublished works by Cox in my personal collection


                Many manuscripts and typescripts by Cox were purchased in an auction and subsequently offered for sale by George Locke of Ferret Fantasy in the early 1990’s.  These are listed in Ayresome Johns, The Anthony Berkeley Cox Files (London:  Ferret Fantasy, 1993).  I purchased a few of these; anyone with questions about them can e-mail me.   (I’d also be interested in hearing from others who purchased Cox typescripts or have letters by Cox.)


                                “The Alchemist”  (Johns M7)

                                The Family Witch (“A Farcical Opera in Two Acts”)[i] (Johns P6)

                                “George Performs”  (Johns M82)

                                “It Isn’t Fair”  (Johns M96)

                                “It Pays to Look Soulful”  (Johns M97)

                                “Jim Beresford’s Official Wife”  (Johns M101)

                                “The Major Was Right”  (Johns M119)

                                “Myself and Agnes”  (Johns M144)

                                “Nothing Else to Do”  (Johns M151)

                                “Red Hair and Roguery”  (Johns M172)

                                “A Short-Sighted Affair”  (Johns M194)

                                “Spoil Sport”  (Johns M202)

                                “Taken for Granted”  (Johns M212)

                                “Those Terrible Twins”  (Johns M218)

                                “The Vegetarian Wife-Beater”  (Johns M235)

                                “We All Make Mistakes”  (Johns M236)

                                Untitled draft of Chapter II of a Roger Sheringham story (beginning “Roger Sheringham was breakfasting alone…”)  (Johns M247)

                                Untitled article for Punch (beginning “Nothing if not on the spot, Mr. Punch…”) (Johns M245)


                I also own the following letters by Cox:


                                30 June 1939, to Major E. Dawson

                                23 Nov. 1960 and 17 Jan. 1961, to T.C.H. Jacobs

Created by Arthur Robinson, LaGrange College,

Last updated 28 November 2012


[1] It has long been recorded (e.g., CADS 64 [Nov. 2012] p. 42) that the first two Sheringham novels were published anonymously.  Though Cox had published articles in magazines under the name “Anthony Berkleey” since 1924, I had assumed that he hadn’t used this byline for his detective novels until his third (Roger Sheringham and the Vane Mystery) in 1927.  The title page and spine of the first impression of The Wychford Poisoning Case (Oct. 1926) give the authorship as “By the author of “The Layton Court Mystery.””  The second impression (July 1927) has “Anthony Berkeley” as the author on the cover and spine, though the title page still reads “By the author of “The Layton Court Mystery”” (the 3rd impression, Nov. 1928, finally credits Berkeley on the title page as well).  But an advertisement for The Wychford Poisoning Case in the Sunday Times of 28 November 1926 (long before the 2nd impression) explicitly names “Anthony Berkeley” as the author. 


[i] The Family Witch (music by Cox) was performed in Watford in March 1924, and preceded by a curtain raiser, Taking Him Seriously, also by Cox.  I have not seen this, but it is mentioned in a clipping from the Watford Observer.