Errata in McIlvaine, section D



            This is a list of errors (mostly minor) that I have noticed in section D (Periodicals) of Eileen McIlvaine’s P.G. Wodehouse:  A Comprehensive Bibliography and Checklist (1990) and that, as far as I can see, weren’t mentioned in the Addendum to McIlvaine.  I welcome additions (and, of course, corrections to my errata).  Please e-mail me at . 


            I have a separate page of stories, serials, and articles by Wodehouse that aren’t listed in McIlvaine or the Addendum to McIlvaine, though nearly all of them are reprints.  I welcome additions and corrections to this list, as well.



I.                   Errors in McIlvaine



D17.17                        Jeeves, the Blighter (not Jeeves and the Blighter)

D17.31                        Ukridge Sees Her Through (pp. 105-109, 132, 134; not on pp. 128, 130)


New York Times Magazine

D44.1                          (actually from New York Times Book Review, not New York Times Magazine)


Pearson’s (US)

D48.1                          Kid Brady—Lightweight (pp. 235-241, not 235-245)



D61.2                          Jeeves and the Yuletide Spirit:  page numbers 11-12 and 36-37


Vanity Fair (US)

D67.8                          Entertaining for the Young – The Etiquette by P.G. Wodehouse [not “Advice”]

D67.17                        “A Visit to Mr. Chambers Fiction Plant” (p. 46, not pp. 4-6)

D16.20                        “The New Disease…” (pp. 56 and 110)

D67.54                        “The Nation’s Songs” (p. 41 only; McIlvaine says pp. 41, 53)

D67.58                        “Drawbacks of the Drama in England”(not “Drawbacks of Drama in England”)


The Books of To-day and the Books of To-morrow

D76.5                          “Bald Facts” (not “Bold Facts”)

D76.30                       “Eminent Artistes” (not Artists)



D77.8                          “The Manoeuvres of Charteris” (in 2 parts; Aug. 1903 pp. 446-455, Sep. 1903 pp. 515-524; McIlvaine gives only Sep. 1903 as the date)

D77.13                        “The Gold Bat” (pp. 456-467, not 456-57)

D77.58                        Psmith, Journalist” (pp. 441-455, not 441-45)


Daily Chronicle

D81.1                          “Spare the Rod,” Sep. 8, 1902, p. 5 (not “Spare the Rot”)

                                    “Autumn,” Sep. 10, 1902, p. 5

D81.4                          An Optimist,” Dec. 1, 1902, p. 5 (not “The Optimist”)

D81.14                        “To a Constable,” Saturday March 14, 1903, p. 5 (not March 4)

D81.15                        “The Antidote,” March 19, 1903 (not March 18)

D81.34                        “”The Criminal,” Feb. 4, 1904, p. 5 (not Feb. 3)

D81.40                        “Plain Dealing,” March 18, 1904, p. 4 (not “Plain Dating”)


Daily Express

D82.26                        “The Stout Progressive on the Train,” 8 Feb 1907 (McIlvaine lists as “The Professor on the Train,” Feb. 1907; Terry Mordue found this)


Little Folks

D104.3                        [two limericks]            (I checked the September 1903 issue in the British Library, but I found no limericks in this issue, nor any poems by Wodehouse or a recognisable pseudonym)


London Calling

D105.2                        “Money for Nothing,” March 10, 1928, pp. 27-33 (not March 7)

D105.3                        “Money for Nothing,” March 17, 1928, pp. 27-33 (not March 14)


Pall Mall Magazine

D115.4                        “The Physical Culture Peril.”  Vol. 53 no. 253, May 1914 (according to my notes; McIlvaine has no. 254, June 1914)


Pearson’s Magazine (London)

D118.16                      Oct. 1906, “Launching a Popular Song” (I checked this issue and all issues from Sep. to Dec. 1906 but found no article of this title; if it was published at this time, it apparently had a different title and was not credited to Wodehouse)


Pearson’s Xmas Xtra

D119                           Nov. 1903, “The Perplexed Poet” (not “The Perplexed Port”)


Public School Magazine

D123.20                      “The Pothunters” pp. 208-223 (not pp. 208-233)



D124.62 and 63          (as mentioned recently on the Blandings listserv, these articles are not by Wodehouse, according to the Punch index, which says “Fashion’s Phases”’ is by C.A. Woodhouse and “The Daring Damsel” by Laurence Wood.)

D124.198                    “Last Round-Up” apparently by B.A. Young, not Wodehouse

D124.230                    “Our Man in America,” Feb. 27, 1963 (not Feb. 23)


Red Book\D53.1          “A Black Cat for Luck,” July 1915 (not “Black for Luck”) (reported by Neil Midkiff)


St. James’s Gazette

D127.3                        “Football in France,” March 29, 1903, ,p.p. 5-6 (McIlvaine has “Rugby Football in France”)



D131.1                        “International Public School Match.”  Feb. 26, 1903, p. 4.  (Article on Dulwich match in Paris.  McIlvaine appears to indicate two articles on this date, “International Public School” and “Footer in Paris,” with no page numbers; I believe that this is the only article.)


Strand Magazine

D133.90                      title should be “Bertie Changes His Mind” (not “Bertie Gets His Chance”)


Vanity Fair (UK)

D140.12                      “From Our Own Correspondent” (not “From Our Special correspondent”)


Woman’s Home Companion

D70.1                          “Fatal Kink in Algernon,” Jan. 1916; apparently an error—the Addendum to McIlvaine indicates this story appeared in Ladies’ Home Journal, Jan. 1916 (information from Neil Midkiff)


D70.1 January 1916: Fatal Kink in Algernon. v.XXXIII, p.25.




D143.6                        “The Thought Reader” (poem), Dec. 25, 1906, p. 1292 (not Dec. 6)

D143.7                        “The Sportsmen,” Dec. 11, 1906, pp. 1173-4 (not “The Sportsman”)

D143.9                        “The Unemployed,” Feb. 12, 1907


McIlvaine H145          “Wodehouse at Ninety,” Observer, 10 Oct. 1971:  p. 12 (not p. 24)


See also corrections in Addendum to McIlvaine (e.g., D15.6, D80.11a, D124.98)


The Addendum to McIlvaine (DA6.1) lists “Mostly about Haggis” as appearing in Cavalcade, Aug. 1937; the correct magazine title is American Cavalcade 1.4 (Aug. 1937) 10-11.



II.                McIlvaine entries with incomplete dates or missing page numbers


Daily Chronicle

Page numbers:  p. 5 for D81.1-37 (except p. 7 for D81.19, 22-25, 33); p. 4 for D81.38-57 (except p. 3 for D81.45)


Daily Mail

D83.4                          “On Fast Bowling” – 17 May 1907? (not seen but this date is given in Wodehouse at the Wicket)

D83.5                          “Thoughts on the Income Tax,” April 2, 1929, p. 19

(from Addendum)

D83.4a                                    “How to Write a Review,” Dec. 19, 1913, p. 3 (?? my handwritten note is illegible!)

D83.5a                                    “A Day with the Swattesmore,” May 20, 1929, p. 8

D83.5b                        “On Amusement Parks,” Sep. 2, 1929, p. 8


Grand Magazine

                                    “Bill the Conqueror” (I have Vol. XLVI, Sep. 1924-Feb. 1925; the rest I have only in photocopy, but it’s presumably vol. 47)

                                    Sep. 1924, Chapters I-IV, pp. 1-24

                                    Oct. 1924, Ch. V-VII, pp. 118-134

                                    Nov. 1924, Ch. VIII-IX, pp. 315-329

                                    Dec. 1924, Ch. IX (cont.)-XII, pp. 471-485

                                    Jan. 1925, Ch. XIII-XV, 605pp. 592-605

                                    Feb. 1925, Ch. XV (cont.)-XVIII, pp. 712-726

                                    March 1925, Ch. XVIII (cont.)-XXII, pp. 109-120

                                    April 1925, Ch. XXIII-XXV, pp. 232-240


Illustrated Sunday Magazine

D34.1                          “The Test Case,” pp. 3-6? (in The Milwaukee Sentinel, Dec. 12, 1915; found by Ananth Kaitharam)


Is My Face Red?

DA14                          “Aunt Agatha Speaks Her Mind,” 1945 [more specific date not available], pp. 20-32.


London Echo

D106.1                        “In Lighter Vein – The Explanation,” Oct. 10, 1902, p. 1


London Opinion

D108.1                        “At the Play:  The Edge of the Storm.” June 11, 1904, p. 363.

D108.2                        “At the Play:  Sergeant Brue.”  June 25, 1904, p. 427

D108.5 (Addendum) “Virtues and Vices of Artists,” Oct, 14, 1916, pp. 52-53

                        (Note:  There are no Wodehouse reviews for June 18 or 23, 1911, as listed in McIlvaine; the Addendum to McIlvaine corrects the date of D108.2 but does not specify that the 1911 dates given in McIlvaine are errors)


Onlooker (see notes below)

D114.1                        “Motor Movements,” Oct. 11, 1902, pp. 727-728

                                    “Business Begins,” Oct. 25, 1902, pp. 43-44

D114.3                        “Crime by Proxy,” Sep. 19. 1903, pp. 597-598 (“By P.G. Wodehouse”; other contributions to Onlooker unsigned)


Passing Show

D117.0                        (from Addendum) “The Dramatic Fixer,” Aug. 26, 1916, pp. 8-9



D118.24a                    (from Addendum) “The Outcast” (poem), April 1910, pp. 370-371


Pearson’s Weekly

D118.16                      (see correction in Addendum) “Launching a Popular Song,” Oct. 25, 1906, p. 272


Public School Magazine (from Addendum)

D123.4a                      “Concerning Tornbridge,” Nov. 1900, pp. 345-6

D123.18a                    “On the Shelf:  Acton’s Feud,” Jan. 1902, p. 77

D123.20a                    “Muddied Oafs,” March 1902, pp. 231-2


St. James’s Gazette

D127.1                        “Some Reasons and a Sequel,” Aug. 8, 1902, p. 6

D127.2                        “Rural Hooligans,” Oct. 1902, p. 5



D137.1                        “Men Who Have Missed Their Own Weddings” (McIlvaine has “Men Who Have Missed Their Weddings”)



D143.1                        “The Flowing Tide,” Oct. 2, 1906, p. 672

D143.2                        “The Intrepid Aeronauts,” Oct, 9, 1906, pp. 701-702

D143.3                        “Among the Immortals,” Oct. 30, 1906, pp. 841-842

D143.4                        “An Olympia Nightmare,” Nov. 27, 1906, p. 1080 (verse)

D143.5                        “The Frozen Face,” Dec. 4, 1906, p. 1126 (verse)

D143.10                      “The Blessings of Civilisation,” Feb. 26, 1907, p. 359

D143.11                      “The Hustler’s Rest Cure,” March 5, 1907, p. 402

D143.12                      “The Collector,” July 16, 1907, p. 140



III.             Additional Notes


            Onlooker:  McIlvaine lists Wodehouse’s contributions to Onlooker as follows:


D114 Onlooker (London) (from PGW Account Book)

D114.1 October 1902: Motor Movements.

_________: Wisdom of Folly.

_________: Business Begins.

_________: Most of the Game.

D114.2 November 1902: Work to Value.

_________: Stage and Stalls.

D114.3 September 1903: Crime by Proxy.


“Crime by Proxy” is signed by Wodehouse; nothing in 1902 is signed by him.  I found articles titled “Motor Movements” (Oct. 11) and “Business Begins” (Oct. 25).  After that, things get complicated.  “Most of the Game” is a weekly column (dealing with social and political issues), and so is “Stage and Stalls,” which consists of reviews (the one for Nov. 15 is signed “P.H.O.W.,” others for the month are unsigned); my guess is that Wodehouse contributed one of each of these (I’m guessing that if he’d done more than one the account book would indicate that).  I skimmed the “Most of the Game” columns for October but nothing jumped out as sounding like Wodehouse.  One of the “Stage and Stalls” columns (November 1) sounds to me like Wodehouse, but that’s just a guess.  I saw no articles titled “Wisdom of Folly” or “Work to Value,” despite searching all issues from September through December 1902; but the November 29 issue is missing from the bound copy in the British Newspaper Library, so “Work to Value” may have been in that.


            Sportsman:  McIlvaine’s entry looks as if there were two articles on Feb. 26, 1903:


D131 Sportsman (London) (from PGW Account Book)

D131.1 February 26, 1903: International Public School.

_________: Footer in Paris.


I found one article, “International Public School Match,” about a match in Paris involving Dulwich, in Sportsman for this date (p. 4).   I suspect that this is the only Wodehouse article that appeared in this issue.

Prepared by Arthur Robinson; last updated 28 April 2013