Concern for the promotion of health and safety in the workplace is increasing among workers and employers across all industries, and in society in general.  It is a basic responsibility of all LaGrange College employees and students to make the health and safety of fellow human beings a part of their daily concern.

It is very important for you to get immediate treatment for every injury, regardless how small you may think it is. Many cases have been reported where a small unimportant injury, such as a splinter wound or a puncture wound, quickly led to an infection, threatening the health and limb of the student or employee. Even the smallest scratch is large enough for dangerous germs to enter, and in large bruises or deep cuts, germs come in by the millions. Immediate examination and treatment is necessary for every injury.

What is first aid? It is simply those things you can do for the victim before medical help arrives. The most important procedures are described herein. These procedures are in no way intended to be substituted for professional medical attention, and are for provided for informational purposes only.




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