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The IRB Application Process

  1. To request IRB review of your research project, submit one printed copy with original signatures and one electronic of your completed application to the Chair of the IRB. The electronic copy should be submitted as a Word file attached to email. Both printed and electronic copies must include a complete, detailed description of your research procedure along with copies of relevant materials (consent forms, survey instruments, cover letters, debriefing checklists, etc.)

  2. Indicate on your application the category of your research (Exempt, Expedited, or Full Review). Note: The IRB will make the final determination as to the appropriate category.

  3. An application must be complete at the time it is submitted. This includes an application which is filled out completely and, if applicable, a copy of all consent forms, questionnaires, and signed permission to collect data from off campus locations (if that is where the data will be collected).

  4. You will be notified by letter of the IRB action on your project. You may not begin data collection until you receive IRB approval.

  5. Should your research procedure result in any harm (physical or psychological) to a participant during conduct of your research, submit a printed Incident/Accident Report to the Chair of the IRB. Cease data collection until notified of IRB action.

  6. Upon completion of data collection, submit a printed copy of the final report to the Final Report to the Chair of the IRB. This information is used in the evaluation of the IRB process.

Note: the faculty sponsor of a student project (graduate or undergraduate) is responsible for determining that the project has Institutional Review Board Approval before data collection begins and to provide sufficient supervision of the project be sure that research procedures specified in the application are followed.

Policy (.pdf)

Application Process