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Welcome to the Tutoring Center!

The LaGrange College Tutoring Center is a peer-tutorial center with current LaGrange College students helping other LaGrange College students succeed in their classes! The Tutoring Center meets in the 24 hour Learning Center, located in the front of Lewis Library. The hours of operation during the regular semesters are from 5:00 to 10:00 pm on Mondays through Thursdays. See the current schedule for more information.

Tutoring Schedule

If you are unable to meet in person during the regular hours you can get virtual help on Microsoft Teams by making an appointment with us! We can still get you virtual help!

Tutoring is available by appointment during drop-in hours and during the day! To schedule an appointment, fill out this form.

To see a list of the tutors names and the classes that they each tutor, click here.

Additionally, if you are unable to seek help in the Center, or would like to see the material presented a different way, Khan Academy is a great (free) resource with video instructions on multiple topics.

Mission of the Tutoring Center

The LaGrange College Tutoring Center is a place where LaGrange College students of all levels and abilities across the curriculum can work with their peers to improve their academic work. Designed to provide individualized service to students, our facility is available to anyone who wishes to engage in constructive discussions about all academic subjects. Our tutors strive to help their peers prepare for tests, work on homework and other assignments, and feel more confident in their grasp of their coursework. The Tutoring Center is another way that LaGrange College is challenging the mind and inspiring the soul.